What To Wear Under a See-Through Dress

Shaper Shorts

Many love the idea of wearing a see-through dress but aren’t entirely sure what to wear underneath it. Considering it puts more of the body on display than an opaque dress, some ladies may feel a little self-conscious. However, if you want to wear a see-through dress, then you can rock that outfit and do it with confidence. There’s no reason you shouldn’t! Let’s talk about what you can wear under a see-through dress to help you always feel like your boldest, most beautiful self.

Shaper Shorts

Shaper shorts serve not only to remain invisible under clothes but to provide shaping and coverage when worn underneath see-through dresses. They’re available in a variety of styles, including high waist and extra-high waist, and with hems that can land at different points on the thigh. Opt for ones that are seamless to create a more streamlined silhouette without any additional little seam bumps.


A shapewear or a non-shapewear bodysuit is a fabulous option to wear under a see-through dress. Bodysuits come with a variety of sleeve lengths, ranging from long sleeves to short sleeves. However, sleeveless options are usually ideal for being on display under the dress. You’ll find bodysuits with strapless options or with various strap sizes, including thick and spaghetti straps. This gives you the option to choose the style that looks best on you.

Tube Shapewear

A tube body shaper typically falls somewhere between mid-thigh and the knee. It’s a great option for ladies who want to sport a sheer dress while still having significant coverage underneath. Since it usually looks like a mini dress, depending on the style, the tube body shaper may be possible to also wear by itself on another occasion. An additional option is to pull a midi or maxi skirt over the bottom portion with the top portion still showing.

Shaper Shorts

Bra and Half Slip

A half slip is an undergarment usually composed of a material that looks similar to a skirt. Its hem usually falls at the knee, but it may be shorter or longer, depending on the style. It has an elegant look, especially ones that have lace trim, and would look lovely under a see-through dress. Choose a bra that preferably matches in color and fabric, such as wearing a satin black bra with a satin black half slip.


A slip is another wonderful option for ladies looking for a little more coverage under their see-through dress. They can range in style with some looking more like short dresses while others clearly have a lingerie vibe. Since you’re looking for an item to wear under the see-through dress, avoid wearing a slip with a slight flare or A-line design, as it could look bulky. For a smoother, streamlined appearance, opt for a form-fitting slip composed of satin.

Shapewear and Panties

A bra and panties might seem too simple of a choice for wearing under a see-through dress. Before you count them out, think about how many types and styles there are. Depending on the style of the dress, you may choose to wear a strapless bra or one with straps. Let’s talk about panties. The extensive variety of types and styles lets you choose how much of your derriere you want to show through the dress. For ladies interested in better coverage, consider options like no-ride-up panties in a classic style, high-waisted briefs or hipster panties. Those who want to show a little more derriere could look into undergarments like high-waisted thong panties. Ladies comfortable with more revealing options could choose among selections like thong panties or G-strings. Keep in mind that you can still wear a combo of panties and shapewear, even under a see-through dress. However, you’ll want to be mindful about which options you choose. Some look like obvious shapewear, such as ones with seams and/or butt-lifter padding, which would be fine under an opaque dress, but probably not something you want showing under a sheer ensemble. Some options are seamless and look like standard panties, likely an option you’ll feel more comfortable showcasing through the dress.

Bra and Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are technically panties, but they could look so great under a see-through dress that they deserve a mention of their own. One of the biggest benefits of wearing them is that they provide a significant amount of coverage, typically more than a classic style of panty. They’re also incredibly comfortable. Opt for a seamless option as they could provide a smoother look. Many styles of bras would make a wonderful accompaniment. For example, depending on the look, fit and style you desire, you could choose options like a balconette bra or a bralette. Some styles, like a sports bra, would be better options for wearing under opaque dresses.

Bra and Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are for ladies who want to show off some midriff through the dress but prefer more coverage at the bottom. While perfect for wearing under see-through dresses, you can also wear them under opaque garments. They’re an incredibly comfortable choice, but one of the biggest perks is that they can be a great option to wear during the summer. Sweat and heat tend to lead to inner-thigh chafing, which is not only uncomfortable and painful, but it’s often so irritating that it can affect how you walk and strut your stuff. Biker shorts provide ample coverage, come in a variety of lengths, offer versatility and can prevent chafing. With so many perks, it’s no wonder they’re an optimal choice. Another benefit is that, as great as they are to wear under a see-through dress, biker shorts are amazing to wear any day of the week and for a multitude of different activities. For instance, wear them with a sports bra while you’re working out or with an oversized hoodie as the temperatures start to change from summer into fall. They’re a comfy piece of clothing for which you’ll get a lot of use.

Corset Set

Corset sets are incredibly sexy, yet be prepared to feel restricted with movement. There are a substantial amount of options available, but there are some tips to keep in mind if you want to wear the set under a see-through dress. For starters, consider ones that are a matte solid color as they are more likely to complement the dress as opposed to options like shiny metallics or two-tone color schemes. You’ll also want to focus on sets that don’t have bulky bottoms, such as choosing a thong panty over a skirt bottom. One of the most important factors to keep in mind when you want to wear a corset set under a see-through dress is to choose a set with little to no embellishments, such as ruffles. They’ll create lumps and bumps through the dress rather than have a smooth flow.


Ladies who are all about bold and daring looks may want to skip wearing something under the see-through dress. However, this doesn’t mean that anything is necessarily on display. We adore fashion, but we’re not trying to get anyone arrested. For instance, some ladies may be wearing a see-through dress that’s solid on the bottom but sheer on top, leaving the option of wearing no undergarments at all or wearing only a bra or only panties. Another option is sporting a primarily sheer dress that features large strategic opaque design placements. Whether you wear undergarments depends on the overall design of the dress combined with your comfort level and preferences. If you choose the “nothing” option, keep in mind this look is not ideal to wear everywhere, especially since many places have dress codes. For example, it’s not an appropriate option for an office holiday party, but it may work for an evening out at a nightclub with friends. Wherever you decide to wear the ensemble, make sure before you get there that it won’t be a problem.

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